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Beacon Life Project was founded as a solution to providing support services to adults with autism and related disorders.  Historically, publicly funded programs for individuals with autism and related disorders cease once they reach the age of 22.  However, it is precisely at this age that that these individuals begin their adult lives, with the hope of living independently through implementing the tools that they were nurtured with in the preceding years.

The Beacon Life Project will aid in helping these adults reach their optimum potential in their employment goals by providing them with the skills necessary to mutually benefit both the individual and employer.  This will be accomplished through the advancement of interpersonal skills, job trainings, and accountability measures.

Beacon Life Project also seeks to provide educational trainings to the business community- through outreach programs that will benefit the potential employer.  The focus will be to offer trainings that will impart the best practices of supervising an individual with autism and related disorders- in an effort that enhances both the organization and the individual’s independence.

Additionally, service delivery will involve a research component that will ultimately result in improving the lives of individuals diagnosed with autism-related disorders, their families, and the community-at-large.  Ongoing research will evaluate programs themselves and their outcomes, along with keeping appraised of new developments relating to autism and related disorders. 



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